Deadline: April 10th, Transforming Health Systems

Deadline: April 10th, Transforming Health Systems
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Healthcare On Mobiles: Featured post- mHealth fighting malnutrition

Healthcare On Mobiles: Featured post- mHealth fighting malnutrition:The community health workers in Melghat are given the latest weapon to fight against the silent killer – malnutrition. It's a mobile phone pre-loaded with an application called CommCare. "Whenever a pregnancy is reported, I register the women's name and other details via the phone," a community health worker explains.

HealthCursor Consulting Group, India: ASSOCHAM Appoints HealthCursor as the Exclusive Kn...

HealthCursor Consulting Group, India: ASSOCHAM Appoints HealthCursor as the Exclusive Kn...: ."HealthCursor, a leading healthcare consulting and services firm serving global clients, has been appointed as the knowledge partner for the prestigious ASSOCHAM Knowledge Summit 2012. HealthCursor will submit a 35 page report addressing the current Healthcare landscape in India, challenges and opportunities in the sector and growth potential highlighting some  of the major innovations taking place in the country."

Healthcare On Mobiles: The Real India-mHealth & beyond Part 3

Healthcare On Mobiles: The Real India-mHealth & beyond Part 3India is the highest TB burden country with World health Organisation (WHO) statistics for 2010 giving an estimated incidence figure of 2.3 million cases of TB for India out of a global incidence of 9.4 million cases. The WHO statistics also show that India is 17th out of the 22 high burden countries in terms of TB incidence rate. The estimated TB prevalence figure for 2010 is given as 3.1 million. It is estimated that about 40% of the Indian population is infected with TB bacteria, the vast majority of whom have latent rather than active TB.

Healthcare On Mobiles: The Real India- mHealth & beyond (Part 2)

Healthcare On Mobiles: The Real India- mHealth & beyond (Part 2):

The Doctor to patient ratio in Bihar is 1:3500, which is far behind the national average of 1:1700. Bhore committee, set up to recommend improvements in the Indian Public Health system, had suggested a ratio of 1:1000. It is felt that without addressing this problem, all promises made by the state government will remain a distant dream. 

There are around 30,000 registered doctors in the state – both government as well as those engaged in private practice. The condition is more or less same in the state of AP (Andhra Pradesh)  as well. In AP, around 6 lac (6,00,000) people go untreated every day. Doctor on Call Services- Rural India- The Doctor to patient ratio in Bihar is 1:3500, which is far behind the national average of 1:1700...

Healthcare On Mobiles: mHealth in India- What works and what not?

Healthcare On Mobiles: mHealth in India- What works and what not?:

 From remote monitoring to disease management, wireless technology is helping to improve healthcare outcomes and address the healthcare worker shortage. In the U.S., chronic disease treatment costs more than $1.4 trillion each year, but using mHealth could mean a savings of more than $21.1 billion per year.

But in India there is this unique pattern of adoption and push that is to be understood. Over the last decade, telehealth in India has been primarily facilitated and driven by government funding. The government now has a majorpolicy initiative in mobile health. However, in pursuing the broad initiative there is a danger that some of the smaller components can get lost, and this is probably what has happened to telehealth. Many government-driven telemedicine programmes have failed to live a long life. It is no secret that these programmes do not have a successful business model and die after the government grants run out. But if you are a medical device, mhealth app or Disease management software company based out of US or Europe eyeing India as a market-> Follow the money-> i.e. Government contracts.

Healthcare On Mobiles: mHealth- Innovation for Maternal & Child Health in...

Healthcare On Mobiles: mHealth- Innovation for Maternal & Child Health in...: Dear Friends, It is been a while since I wrote my last post. Life hasn't been easy after we claimed the title of "the only niche mHealth...

Healthcare On Mobiles: mHealth India Plans 2012

Healthcare On Mobiles: mHealth India Plans 2012: Mobile Health is going to be a 3000 crore market in India by 2017. (Source PwC). M-health (use of mobile phones) and E-health are all...

mHealth India- Applications

There is a little value in creating apps that can’t connect to clinical workflows, other providers, common man and their specific networks. There are 20,000 plus mHealth applications in the major app stores today, and by 2015, it is projected that there will be 500 million mHealth app users worldwide. The smartphone penetration in India is increasing with 40 percent consumers accessing internet daily through smartphones; 34 percent of these users log in for more than half an hour each day.

HealthFore (, with support from HealthCursor Consulting Group ( is focused on creating the common pipes through which data will flow.  We understand the real value that is subsumed in healthcare data. mobile health apps provide D2C connect which empowers the end users with customised information, advice and also helps drive qualified referrals to the providers.  It helps increase the overall patient satisfaction through follow ups and connected care all while reducing the overall cost of care. Unfortunately, most of today’s mHealth applications are limited in their ability to both access and share information because the data is sitting in silos, typically locked away in disparate, proprietary, redundant systems that are hard to integrate. After the successful launch of our Doctor on Call service, HealthFore intends to launch continuous,  collaborative, connected point of care mechanisms. mHealth applications will be an integral part of this novel approach for offering quality healthcare on an anywhere, anytime basis.

Healthcare On Mobiles: Facebook in mHealth- Games for the ailing World

Healthcare On Mobiles: Facebook in mHealth- Games for the ailing World: Have you ever thought how can Facebook revolutionarize the way healthcare is taught, implemented and delivered in the world?? Can we u...

Healthcare On Mobiles: mHealth India- Proof Of concept

If we look at the mHealth business cases back in 2008, we will realize that with more value chain participants and higher costs of execution, there was very less reward (whether in the form of revenue gains or operational efficiencies) to go around. It therefore became progressively more difficult to achieve the financial impact that provides momentum and leads to partnership with larger players.

Therefore today, with smartphones and other robust systems playing a volume game in mHealth, the latter will not be elusive anymore.
Efficient healthcare systems based on robust infrastructure like smartphones will drive revenue for all stakeholders in the next 5 years.
Which stakeholder will lead this Business?
It will be Mobile Operators/Carriers. Here is why:
Operators Define Connectivity: The progression of mHealth will largely be dependent on innovations in telecom and the speed of implementation of the same. 4G /LTE (Long-term evolution) will revolutionize the way data is sent over wireless networks. In the near future, I envision a scenario where a consumer can set up a telehealth appointment and get a physician consult leveraging the high speed wireless connection and high-def video conferencing capability right from his handset.
Hands on experience: Operators have a proven track record of implementing innovative technologies on a large scale (2G/3G/4G capability, smartphones connected to “app stores” with thousands of applications etc) and adapt them to different geographies in a highly competitive market.
Knowledge of Local customer needs: Deploying telecom solutions in various geographies and complying with local regulations, legal framework has enabled operators understand the local customer and their needs. Partnering with operators will enable organizations deliver specific solutions that meet local customer needs.
Already, Mobile operators have tremendous influence and strong relationships with handset manufacturers, and they should leverage this position to bring to market phones and other devices that can provide the mHealth and other mobile services consumers in developing countries need.

mHealth India | Press releases India

HealthCursor, a niche mhealth consulting company based out of India aimed at delivering Insight Driven Healthcare solutions while realizing the promise of a connected health future was launched today. Through HealthCursor Consulting, clients in the India, Middle East and North Africa will have access to leading experts based in the region, while also benefitting from the company's strong links with practitioner communities and regulatory bodies in developing countries. HealthCursorConsulting is launched in direct response to growing demand from clients in the region for mHealth consulting services, and is a natural complement to the Founder's expertise in Healthcare IT business management and financial services.

"We are putting in a team together to innovate and deliver new value by improving health outcomes and look past standalone systems and find more ways to connect fragmented healthcare ecosystems in developing countries and support new forms of care delivery, "said Dr. Ruchi Dass, Founder of HealthCursor. "This enables unprecedented capabilities to provide the right care at the right time for a whole new breed of healthcare."